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In Love With You

This song is by Bigbang and appears on the album Electric Psalmbook (1999).

Oh what can I say
What can I do
What's building up inside
Where other people keep falling
I just wanna fly
In love with you under my wing
Lift you up higher and higher
Squeeze you 'till juice comes running out
It's more a need than a desire
And all I can do is to shout
... You got that smile
Although it's been quite a while
It's been shining on my face..
Like a hotrod racecar in the nitro-haze
And I'm in love with you
And now that half my heart is bleeding
And I'm all alone
A symptom of the life I'm leading
Snow on the panes by my quiet phone
And I'm in love with you

And now you build it up stop
Take a look around
Everything is changing
And your promises were never meant for long
You build it up stop
Take a look around
everything is changing while
I'm loosing my mind In love with you

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