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Break Of Dawn

This song is by Bigbang.

when you take the top and the sun is rising high
across the early morning sky
will you be there

lay the demons down to rest
feel the warmth is my caress
as i slowly fall to sleep
i will be there in your arms
till the stormy waters come
i relax and be your touch
in the places that i lust

hold me feel me
never let me go
dont let me go
show me need me
coz i want you to stay and lead me to the break of dawn

will you be there (repeated)

on the coldest darkest night
are you sure well be alright?
as we gently drift to sleep
in a secret fantasy
you are always there with me
and i trust you in my heart
do you promise that we'll never part

hold me feel me never let me go
show me need me coz i want you to stay anbd lead me till the break of dawn

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