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Oh My

This song is by Big Wreck and appears on the album In Loving Memory Of... (1997).

You say I'm obsessive
I don't want to hear
Overly possessive
Who, when, and where
When your arms go round another
I'll turn my back, why bother

Forget the importance
Of what I mean to you
I'll drown all the rodents
And chase after you
Well I've made my mistakes and know it
I need a chance to blow it

Oh, oh my
Who's stolen my right

Am I getting greedy
For what's already mine
I need all the rations
I won't stand in line
And I'll scale the wall
Only if you feed the rope
But I'll slip and fall

Oh, oh my
Who'll ever believed and why
Oh, oh my
I'm last in line

Say I'm obsessive
I don't want to hear
Overly possessive

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