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Gimme Some

This song is by Big Tymers and appears on the album Hood Rich (2002).


oh when oh when oh when are u gonna gimme some
hey ma hey ma hey ma when are u gonna stop actin dumb

oh when oh when oh when are u gonna gimme some
hey ma hey ma hey ma when are u gonna stop actin dumb

u told me that we was goin to the tele
and i told u when i pull up be ready
now u said u can't find noone to watch your kids
but i think u just scared cuz u don't want me to hit

are u gonna gimme some


whats wrong what happened, u told me it was crackin
i got my profalatics, and why u trippen on me
i'm tired of playin games, its been a couple of weeks
hey ma i'm feelin u, u said u feelin me
i just can't understand why we can't get our love on
girl i won't hit and quit i won't treat u wrong
lets go to the mo tonight and lets sip a little mo tonight
girl don't say no tonight u need to gimme some


Its 2002, what u gon do
ya high in the air so let lil daddy come thru
i been hangin wit cha shorty fo 1 whole week
i'm tryin to pressure ya its time to freak
now i been holdin it and u been holdin out
so won't u be a nice girl and put it in your mouf
what thangs done changed why u actin strange
u lettin that other nigga get in your brains
life is like a movie baby stick to the script
i'm dirt dickle and its time to hit
I ain't tryin take ya man place, he's alright
I'm just tryin ta stick ya baby just one night
what i gotta buy somethin just fo ya to try somethin
yea i let cha get somethin just to let me hit somethin
Now i know you alone when he don't come home
pick up the phone now i give you da bone
put the kids asleep then we can creep
I been waitin to see ya naked baby on whole week
time fo you to give it up let a nigga hit it up
take it off and spit it up swallow don't spit it up



Now i been fucking wit u fo far too long
and if i don't hit tonight i know somthins wrong
you been duggin fo diamonds runnin scared
like you committed a crime and i'm the bail
you a poor motha fucka over da phone
but a scary motha fucka when its time to get it on
you be sayin freaky shit really turnin me on
like you slob or spit al over the dick
and you be braggin about hoe them nigga is formed
but the words thats out i'm seriously home
right now i'm ready cuz i'm full of that juice
i'm ready to get in the bed and knock somethin lose
and after that the balls in your court
we can leave it alone or we can go back and forth
but first thangs first i'ma admit
I'm tear yo ass up when you let me hit

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