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I Got The Blues

This song is by Big Maceo and appears on the album The King of Chicago Blues Piano (1992) and on the album The Bluebird Recordings 1941-1942 (1996).

I Got The Blues 2:49 Trk 8
(M. Merriweather)
Big Maceo - vocals and piano
W/Tampa Red - guitar, Alfred Elkins - string bass.
Recorded Tues. Dec 15,1941
Chicago, ILL. RCA Studio A
Album: Bluebird Recordings Big Maceo 1941-1942
RCA #66715-2

Just tell me, baby
Just tell me, baby
What can I do
To change your mind?

Hey, hey
Baby can I change your mind?
I got the freight train blues
The tracks is outta line

You got a man in the east
An a man in the west
Jus' sittin' here worryin'
Who you love the best?

Hey, hey
What can I do to change your mind?
I got the blues for you, baby
You keep me worried all the time

You say you love me
I believe in you
You kind of quit me
What mo' can I do?

Hey, hey
Baby, can I change yo' mind?
I got the blue for you, baby
You keep me worried all the time

'Now boy, you know I've got
The blues now'
'Play 'em for me, now'

(Piano and guitar)

'Yas, yas, yas, yas'

My mama got 'em
My papa got 'em
My sister told me
That she had them, too

Hey, hey
Mama, what can I do?
Some old day you will want me
An I won't care a thing about you.


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