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Crazy Mary

This song is by Big Head Todd And The Monsters and appears on the album Beautiful World (1997).

Baby's gonna change her life
She's made up her mind
She's leaving her girls behind
And her lovers unkind
Crazy Mary look back and you're done
Just hold on and run
You're on your way home
Ain't nothin' gonna break you down Mary
I'm on your side
Nobody can touch you now Mary
Though trouble won't pass you by
Finding it hard to begin
To let the sun rise
To forget what was doing her in,
What was making her blind
Crazy Mary just keep to yourself,
Your old friends won't help
To make your escape
May you be well on your road
I know you'll get by
Life is the flower that grows
From the knots we untie
Crazy Mary look back and you're done
Just hold on and run,
You're on you way home

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