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Figth For Your Love

This song is by Big Fat Snake.

I don't wanna be number one
And I don't wanna see you gone
It's hard for us to stay in tune
You and I are like the moon

Cause we are full of in betweens
Two beats on a tambourine
We can never get enough
If you don't fight for your love
If you don't fight for your love

I don't wanna be number two
And I don't want that for you
This is an eternal cease-fire
And we don't even know why

Cause we are full...

I don't wanna be the one to rule you
or cool you
I just wanna be the one to hold you
hold you

Will we ever settle down
Will we ever come around
Are we gonna fight on forever
Are we gonna break up whenever

Yeah we're so full...

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