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Organ Splitter

This song is by Big Dumb Face and appears on the album Duke Lion Fights The Terror!! (2001).

Rake the vice in florin shordo
boiling innards recompense,
lighting vards incinerating-
frying cheeks in sloring vats.

shear its back and throbbing pack,
the goggle lord will show its law,
rake the gaultry,
larding sist,
organ splitter like a fist.

Blowing death & spitting coals,
carving goodness out of souls,
the organ splitters evil grace comes
shooting out its filthy face!
Bile sheens and boils belch,
rot will ticken,
boggle felch-
sloring vats are spilling over,
flooding through the goggles realm.
Lucifer may seem the stronger,
organ splitter getting longer,
cheeks are red and pack erection,
wicked muscles shoot ejection!

"ok lets see, thats one of thoes square records,eh,
that goes on a record player that like goes on its side",

"no thats an EP from some British New Wave band,"

"oh, take off, you du-, you dont know."

"yeah they bootleg thoes, eh"

"sounds like an EP from some British New Wave band."

"yeah, beauty sound... -not my style of music though"

Meat upon the pentagram bloody necrophalic phlegm,
pus is furry,
pus is good,
pus will fill the dirty wound,
eat your beets and double hog husk!
Man odor smells like oily musk!
goose bumps raised on prickly thighs,
florin shordo says suprise,
pussy discharge speaks the truth,
Josh Allen's bad & so's Paul Booth,
marrow cracks & tissue flies,
the goggle lord will use his eyes,
glowing light upon his head,
Burgalveist will make you dead,
goggle comes,
his blood is red,
and flaming like the head of set.
Blowing death & spitting coals,
carving goodness out of souls,
the Organ Splitters evil grace
comes shooting out its filth face!

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