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This song is by Big Dumb Face.

10 Million years and nothings changed
we're still a bunch of monkeys but with beautiful names
IQ's with culture, art and taste. Assholes and elbows and time to waste
Everybody on the Planet
Every faggot, nigger, monkey, dyke, redneck, wetback, gook, kike,
skinhead, pothead, deadhead, freak, hippie, junkie, computer geek
This is just like me, just like you.
Just like Hitler, Michael Jackson too


Im a die hard heterosexual, homo-erectus intellectual,
Got a PhD from M I T, Meal in a Tube, you and me,
Got to find more stuff, what else is new?
Got to breathe a lot more O2, Everybody gotta breathe the H20
Everybody on the planet is a HOMO:
Protect us
Infect Us

Homo! Homo...x6
Imerged itself symbolic language, spoken first and written later,
Seperated every man and animal, one was the lesser the other one greater,
Man IS animal - monkey see, ******** monkey me,
Neanderthal man aint nowhere guys, hes in my genes, and i dont mean Levis!

Homo! Homo...x12

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