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This song is by Big Dumb Face and appears on the album Duke Lion Fights The Terror!! (2001).

Oh Lord, bathe me in flame.
Coronary worm food blistering through endtrails,
Vomiting its liver into a pool of pus,
And larva feed, entering with fingers,
Sowing into death,
Reaping all the sins into the heart of the salivator

And throwing numbers,
Human insanity,
With glowing forehead
And draining monkey.

Blowing smolder,
It rebuilds its stomach
Then it starts to feed gorging down the gullet loads of necromastic rot...
Slipping in the blood and bile,
Suffer now with Scott and Kyle, hosing off the requiem,
And bathe we in flame...

Burgalveist and throwing numbers, human insanity,
With glowing forehead,
And draining monkey - Salivator!

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