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Blues From the Middle (2003)Edit

Big Dave McLean - Blues from the Middle

Blues from the Middle

  1. Ooh Wee
  2. She's Got the Stuff
  3. B. Meets Bo
  4. Muddy Waters for President
  5. You Know It Ain't Right
  6. Johnny Tornado
  7. Trouble No More
  8. I Got Love If You Want It
  9. Times Tickin on By
  10. Sugar Sweet
  11. St. Mary (At Main)
  12. Lowdown Dirty Rotten Blues
  13. Sweet Della Jones
  14. Fix'n to Die

Got 'Em from the Bottom (2008)Edit

Big Dave McLean - Got 'Em from the Bottom

Got 'Em from the Bottom

  1. Sometimes
  2. Why Do Girls Do That
  3. Atlanta Moan
  4. Police and High Sherriff
  5. Someday Baby
  6. Don't Shy Away
  7. Right from the Start
  8. Michael Hendersen
  9. Mop
  10. Louisiana Blues / Forty Four
  11. Comin' Home to You
  12. Paper Angel
  13. Up on Waverly
  14. Good Morning Little School Girl
  15. Kanadiana
  16. Oh Baby ..… Yah
  17. Stop Ash'n on the Dog
  18. The Bottoms Where I Got 'Em
  19. Needed Time

Faded but Not Gone (2014)Edit

Big Dave McLean - Faded But Not Gone

Faded But Not Gone

  1. Tough Times
  2. I Best Choose to Pick the Blues
  3. Dead Cat on the Line
  4. The Fallen
  5. Sittin' on a Fence
  6. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
  7. Devil in the Jukebox
  8. One More Day
  9. Mr. Siegal
  10. Shades of Grace
  11. Oh - Mr. Charlie - Oh
  12. Devil Got My Woman

Better the Devil You Know (2016)Edit

Big Dave McLean - Better the Devil You Know

Better the Devil You Know

  1. Life On the Road
  2. You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
  3. You'll Need Somebody On Your Bond
  4. Angeline
  5. I Need You
  6. Where the Music Comes From
  7. Old Time Religion
  8. Swingin' On Heaven's Gate
  9. Deliver Me
  10. Deep Down In Florida
  11. The Side of the Road
  12. Talk About Revelation
  13. Pet Rabbit

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