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Big Bro Thang

This song is by Big Brovaz and appears on the album Re-Entry (2007).

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Intro: I can't feel my heart beatI get so cold, I can't breath
J-rock: lord please I'm on my knees,
And I'm prayin' 4 my enemies, I know they remember meBut they won't ever let me be,
And I'm tired of running from it, If I did it, shit I'd admit it, Like yeah, fuck it I done it, What of it?
That's the reason I got this troublesome tatted (tattoo'd) on my stomacheIm advertizing to the publicAnd everybody love it
I just wanted To show the world I could cut it, Sepparate big brovazFrom the other rubbish, I hope this does it cousen
Randy: just come hereKick it with me a minuteLet me spit you a lyricIm from the ghetto so I know how to live it
There's allota other crewsBut we the illest admit it, And any thing they gone do We already been there and done did it.
Won't stop tillBoth wrist glitted up, My cars kitted up, My fam living it up.
I know you'll feeling The flows I bringThen the ladie's come and help me singDo your thing uh huh... Pre chorus: all you see are rosesBut inside were dying, Crying, under pressureDrowning
Chorus: never mind the way we areCoz we won't change, We'll keep it hot So you remember our name
Nobody can rock this

The way that we canIt a big bro thing!
Won't do what were toldCoz we don't see why we shouldGot too much fight in usFor our own good.
Love us or hate us, We gone do what we can.It's a big bro thing.
Cherice: for all the time's You bought me down, You made me stronger now, You opened up my eyes,
Now I'm ready 4 you
(Bring it) Now I'm ready for you
Think you know me But you wrong, (but you wrong) What the fuck I'll take you onTorch the bridges watch them burn
'Cause I'm ready for you
(Bring it) 'Cause I'm ready for you.
Bridge: you use us Abuse us In the name of dreamsConfuse us,
Were losing, Were losingStill we fightWe have to fight,
Its hungerIts hunger, We can't take s**tNo longer
Looks like it rightUnder thwe hype
(Ah) can you feel me now?

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