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Ain't What You Do

This song is by Big Brovaz and appears on the album Nu Flow (2002).

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Ladies and gentlemen,
They're back once again
AndIhope you've all been listening
The Big Brovaz collective are definitely here to stay
And here is what they have to say

It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

That's right, Imean that's why we love you guys
You're so creative and very innovated... really

And that's what gets results

Big bro yeah!

If you put your mind to it
You can do what you want
You can see that we did it look
What we've gone through
It wasn't easy but we did what
We had to, just to get results
You need to understand
Anything is possible
Don't be afraid to show who
You are and what you know
Just do your own thing,
Go ahead and find the time to
Perfect what you do in life

Freeze pauze, let
Me show y'all
Who's simply the best
It's Big Bro y'all
We always come correct
We never go phoney
And that's what makes
Us hot, we won't stop
We came here to school you,
Because life's an exam
You wanna pass, being
Best is crucial
Now these are just a couple of
Words you should get used to
It ain't what you do it's how
You do what you do do

It ain't what you do it's
The way that you do it
It ain't what you do it's
How best you can do it
It ain't what you do it's
The time that you do it
And that's what gets results

So you want the
Whole enchilada
Evisu and the prada
New car new house
That's more hotter
That's more money so
You've gotta work harder
And that's what gets
Results trust me
You wa

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