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BIGBANG VOL. 1 SINCE 2007 (2006)Edit

  1. Big Bang (Intro)
  2. She Can't Get Enough
  3. Dirty Cash
  4. 다음날
  5. Big Boy (featuring 이은주)
  6. 흔들어 (featuring 이은주)
  7. 눈물뿐인 바보
  8. Ma Girl
  9. La-La-La
  10. This Love
  11. 웃어본다

Bigbang (2006)Edit

Big Bang - Bigbang
  1. Intro [Put your hands up]
  2. We Belong Together (featuring 박봄)
  3. 눈물뿐인 바보 (Nunmulppunin Babo, A Fool's Only Tears)
  4. This Love (G-Dragon Solo)

BigBang Is V.I.P (2006)Edit

Big Bang - BigBang Is V.I.P
BigBang Is V.I.P
  1. La La La
  2. Ma Girl (Taeyang Solo)
  3. V.I.P
  4. La La La (Instrumental)

B I G B A N G 0 3 (2006)Edit

Big Bang - B I G B A N G 0 3
B I G B A N G 0 3
  1. Victory (Intro)
  2. B I G B A N G
  3. Forever With You (featuring 박봄)
  4. Good Bye Baby
  5. 웃어본다 (Useo Bonda, Try Smiling) (Daesung Solo)

Always (2007)Edit

Big Bang - Always
  1. Intro (우린빅뱅) (Urin Big Bang, We Are Big Bang)
  2. 거짓말 (Geojitmal, Lies)
  3. 없는 번호 (Eoptneun Beonho, Unknown Number)
  4. 아무렇지 않은 척 (Amureochi Anheun Cheok, Act Like Nothing's Wrong) (T.O.P Solo) (featuring 이은주 (Eun-ju Lee))
  5. Oh Ma Baby
  6. Always

For The World (2008)Edit

Big Bang - For The World
For The World
  1. VIP - Intro
  2. Big Bang (English Version)
  3. How Gee
  4. Lies
  5. So Beautiful
  6. La La La (English Version)
  7. Together Forever
  8. Always (English Version)

With U (2008)Edit

Big Bang - With U
With U
  1. Gotta Be With U (Intro)
  2. With U
  3. Baby Baby (English Version)
  4. This Love (G-Dragon Solo) (English version)
  5. Mad About You
  6. We Belong Together (English version)
  7. Shake It
  8. Ma Girl (Japanese version) (Taeyang Solo)

Stand Up (2008)Edit

Big Bang - Stand Up
Stand Up
  1. Stand Up (Intro)
  2. 하루 하루 (Haru Haru, Day After Day)
  3. 천국 (Cheonguk, Heaven)
  4. 착한 사람 (Chakhan Saram, A Good Man)
  5. Lady
  6. Oh My Friend (Feat. No Brain)

Number 1 (2008)Edit

  1. Intro
  2. Number 1
  3. Make Love
  4. Come Be My Lady
  5. 하루 하루 (Haru Haru, Day After Day)
  6. With U
  7. How Gee
  8. Baby Baby (English)
  9. So Beautiful
  10. Remember (English)
  11. 천국 (Cheonguk, Heaven)
  12. Everything
  13. Always (English Version)
  14. Candle (Together Forever) (Japanese)

Remember (2008)Edit

  1. INTRO (모두 다 소리쳐)
  2. 오 아. 오
  3. 뷹은 노을
  4. 반짝반짝
  7. 멍청한 사랑
  8. 하루하루 (acoustic version)
  9. 거짓말 (remix)
  10. 마지막 인사 (remix)

Bigbang (2009)Edit

  1. Intro
  2. ガラガラ GO!! (Gara Gara GO!!)
  3. Bringing You Love
  5. Stay
  6. Top of the World
  7. Follow Me
  8. Baby Baby (Japanese Version)
  9. Emotion
  10. Love Club
  11. Always (Japanese Version)

ガラガラ GO!! (Gara Gara GO!!) (2009)Edit

Big Bang - ガラガラ GO!!
ガラガラ GO!!
  1. ガラガラ GO!! (Gara Gara GO!!)
  2. Top of the World
  3. Stylish
  4. So Beautiful

声を聞かせて (Let Me Hear Your Voice) (2009)Edit

  1. 声を聞かせて (Koe wo Kikasete, Let Me Hear Your Voice)
  2. オラ Yeah! (Ola Yeah!)
  3. 声を聞かせて (Koe wo Kikasete, Let Me Hear Your Voice) (Club Remix) [Standard Edition]
  4. 声を聞かせて (Instrumental) (Koe wo Kikasete, Let Me Hear Your Voice) [Limited Edition]

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. (Untranslated) (Bingle Bingle)
  2. (Untranslated) (Love Dust)
  3. Always (Original)
  4. Baby Baby
  5. Bad Boy
  6. Bang Bang Bang
  7. Beautiful Hangover
  8. Blue
  9. Candle
  10. Cigarette
  11. Dirty Cash (Romaji)
  12. Dirty Money
  13. Ego
  14. Everyone Scream
  15. Fantastic Baby
  16. Feeling
  17. Foolish Love
  18. Forever Together
  19. Hands Up
  20. Heaven
  21. If You
  22. Lalala
  23. Last Dance
  24. Let Me Hear Your Voice
  25. Lollipop
  26. Look At Me, Gwisoon!
  27. Loser
  28. Love Dust
  29. Love Song
  30. Monster
  31. Somebody To Luv
  32. Still Alive
  33. Strong Baby
  34. Tell Me Goodbye
  35. Tonight
  36. What Is Right
  37. With You

Additional information

Artist information:
Years active:
  • 2006-present
Band members:
  • G-Dragon (GD) (real name 權志龍/권지용/Kwon Ji-Yong) - leader, rap, vocals
  • T.O.P (Tempo) (real name 崔勝鉉/최승현/Choi Seung-Hyun) - rap, vocals
  • Taeyang (SoL) (real name 東永裴/동영배/Dong Young-Bae) - vocals, rap
  • Daesung (D-Lite) (real name 姜大成/강대성/Kang Dae-Sung) - vocals
  • Seungri (V.I, Victory) (real name 李勝賢/이승현/Lee Seung-Hyun) - vocals
Related artists:
Record labels:

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