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Love Train

This song is by Big & Rich and appears on the EP Big & Rich's Super Galactic Fan Pak (2004).

woo woo....woo woo...

I see people gettin' mad on CNN
Who's right, democrats or republicans
I don't care who's right or wrong
I know a way we can all get along

Let's take a ride, let's take a ride on the love train
Unwind, we'll be chug-a-luggin' all the way
Let's roll like the Stones, playin' all day, hey
Let's take a ride, let's take a ride on the love train

The whole color thing's never made sense to me
Who gives a hoot if you're red, yellow, purple, or pink
We're all mixed up anyway (anyway)
We might as well give each other a break


So let's forget about the hatin' and the way the Bulls are playin'
Without Jordan on the team and the high price of gasoline
And if you're livin' in a bubble, then I guess you've got no troubles
If you're anything like me, then I guess you really need to


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