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Holy Water

This song is by Big & Rich and appears on the EP Big & Rich's Super Galactic Fan Pak (2004) and on the album Horse of a Different Color (2004).

Somewhere there's a stolen halo
I used to watch her wear it well
Everything would shine
Wherever she would go
But lookin' at her now, you'll never tell

Someone ran away with her innocence
A memory she can't get out of her head
And I can only imagine what she's feelin' when she's prayin'
Kneelin' at the edge of her bed

And she says take me away
Then take me farther
Surround me now
And hold, hold, hold me
Like Holy Water
Holy Water

She wants someone to call her angel
Someone to put the light back in her eyes
She's lookin' through the faces and unfamiliar places
She needs someone to hear her when she cries


Like Holy Water

She just needs a little help
To wash away the pain she's felt
She wants to feel the healin' hands of someone who understands

(chorus 2x)

Like holy water
Like holy water
Like holy water
Like holy water

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