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20 Margaritas

This song is by Big & Rich and appears on the album Comin' To Your City (2005).

There's a boy named Billy
He's from up there in Virginia
He makes that lightnin' holler in them hills
He's got a recipe handed down from his pappy
In a shiny 50-gallon copper still

There's a boy name Jose
Makes the best guacamole
And the hottest hot tamales in the land
He knows how to grow habeneros
And he plays in a mariachi band

I'll trade you 20 Margaritas for your moonshine
'Cause I like to have a party all the time
I'll trade you 20 margaritas for your moonshine
'Cause I hear that stuff can really blow your mind

When Jose met Billy he was tequila crazy
In a honky tonk getting cowboy drunk on a moonlight starry night
Jose said, "Billy we ought to have us a party
And invite all them senoritas and just watch that full moon shine"

Now Jose and Billy became the best of buddies
And rasied a lot of hell around the world
But they'll never drink and drive 'cause they wanna stay alive
And have time to kiss all the lovely girls

Oh I hear that stuff can really blow your mind

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