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The Peacock Song

This song is by Bif Naked and appears on the album I Bificus (1998).

My mind's an ashtray, full of ashes
Lick the tears from my eyelashes
Oh whatever will I see that's good?
He plays a really mean guitar
She smokes a really big cigar
I'd love to love ya if only I could
Her love is oh so shiny wet
Keeps a bald peacock for a pet
Oh can you ever understand how I feel?

Miss Jennifa my private dancer
Miss Nina to whon I answer
Kari says we're the only ones who are real

SO I dream on a Sunday morning
And my lover right beside me keeps on snoring
I wonder if my dog's in heaven
And I wonder when I'll see her again

Has never found a friend in me
But I'll eat sugar cubes all day and night
Those ducklings are never ugly
So she sells herself by the sea
I'll bake her a cake, be it wrong or right
The caterpillar and the spider
Turn the screws a little tighter
Can you ever understand my feel?

Gail G my inspiration
Miss Denise should run the nation
Isabell tortures me with sex appeal


You're really taking my for a ride
You're a wise guy anyway
I never had a place to hide
Except my brain


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