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Rich And Filthy

This song is by Bif Naked and appears on the album Essentially Naked (2007).

Your car stereo is state of the art
My ghetto blaster is fallin' apart
But hey man, you're all show
You only listen to techno
Your ride goes from zero to sixty
Well my ride's gone, ya, it must have missed me
'Cause I'm still standing here watching you drive by

Hey Hey
I am sick and you are healthy
You are rich and I am filthy
Congratulations on all your success
I am poor and I am happy
Your bling bling will never choke me
Congratualtions on all your excess

Your new suit is made of silk
Too bad you still look like Lawrence Welch
Well your girlfriend just drove by
And she gave me the eye
Your watch, ya, it's a Rolex
My watch, ya, it's a Timex
But say, hey, it's ok,
'Cause I'm the one who's on time

Money money money hey money money hey
Money don't mean much to me

It'll be fine just you and me
I got good news I won the lottery
But hey,
I'll save you a seat aat the country club

(Chorus repeat 2X)

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