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Social Disability

This song is by Beyond Creation and appears on the album The Aura (2011).

Is it the end, or is it just me?
Will it happen that we'll be set free?
Chaos is near: the fear of all fears

Shall we continue to hope when faith starts to bleed?

When truth isn't told and still controls a fold... I feel blind
I'm questioning myself but I can't find...

I try to dream but sleep took off.
I felt not sure and went for a walk.

It is the end and we are not to blame.
We'll feel free at last and the game will end
This game will end...

I feel like I've been told lies from the day I was born
Enacting a story that is not mine, is it enough of a burden?

I try to climb between the doubts that are surrounding my mind
I don't feel free and guess what; I don't feel that I'm being me.

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