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I Bet Your

This song is by Beyond Angels.

When you said you was at home alone
I called you and some girl picked up on the phone
Saying she's in love with some named Mike
I said oh honeychild hes my man right now
Then I asked myself (asked myself) why me?

I bet your guessing (guessing) am I through with you cause your lying what you have to say bout that I bet your guessing (guessing) am I through with you cause your cheating what you feel (feel) bout dat

Beyond original:
Remembering when I looked at your pager and numbers seemed to appear I asked who they were you said it was my family now boo how could you lie like dat cause you boo there out on vacation then I found some lingrie too small to be mine on the floor anyway I asked you they were you said they were yours.

Chorus:repeat twice

Bridge:i found two broken condoms (condoms) on the bathroom floor tell me why (tell me why) who da they belong to (to) tell me baby I cause your out of my life no more time for us to fight so I'm sending you a bill of the pain and hurt 'cause I can't take it no more

Beyond angels:(speak)
Original:he's out of my life for good 'cause he started to bug
Pink:i no I no girl
Destiny:because girl he started flirtng with me.

Chorus:repeat four times

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