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Pepsi's Carmen

This song is by Beyoncé.

Original video
It's the tale of a guy named Zeke
Who has come here from Battlecreek
As he walks with his Pepsi can
He is bumped by a stranger's hand

He feels the worstest
He sees it roll
Down the street to an open hole
The taste sensation he loves so well
Now is gone and he starts to yell

His Pepsi fell, His Pepsi's lost
The joy of life he needs at any cost
He hears the sound of a venders bell
As the crowd around him starts to swell

Sir, a Pepsi please
And they past the Pepsi on to Zeke
The Pepsi's found
The people cheer
For the joy of Pepsi now is here

ba baba bababa bababababa
The joy of Pepsi

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