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Under The Same Sun

This song is by Beverley Knight and appears on the album Affirmation (2004).

Running about in a daze in the heart of London
I'm on a mission to make it to work on time
How many people around me begun their day like mine?

So much confusion
Would mess with your mind

Do you feel the pressure
To make a change? (oh...)
Can't go on living the same (the same)

My neighbor told me his boss had served him his notice
He had no choice but to change all his future plans
Now like so many he's hustling away every dime he can

Too much frustration
Can break anyone

Do you feel the pressure
To make a change?
Can't go on living the same


Round and round we go until we lose all sense of our direction (ooh)
I believe it's up to us to stop and make a reconnection (ooh)
Can't go on living the same (same...)


Living the same

Do you feel the pressure?
To make a change
Can't go on living the same (same...)

Hope springs eternal
Where faith is done
We all live under the same sun

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