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Shape Of You

This song is by Beverley Knight and appears on the album Who I Am (2002).

this woman's eyes ent got no colour
when i think about life without you
and even if its for the best regardless
its the hardest thing to do
looking at the path we've taken
we didn't leave a stone unturned
but don't you believe that this don't slay me
even if i act concerned

with a smile i'll face the world
though my eyes reflect the truth
i'm moving on
but you know i do
with a hole in my heart in the shape of you
with a hole in my heart in the shape of you

i step into unchartered water
and i'm afraid of what i've done
see i can't head towards my future
reminiscing on just how far we had come ( yea )
maybe we could find redemption (maybe)
maybe then it all could make sense
but until then i must believe these words
even though i think you know
that i'm unconvinced


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