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This Is It!

This song is by Betty Davis and appears on the album Nasty Gal (1975).

This is it funk y'all
This is it right here
This is it do ya hear me girls
And well they can't do it for ya no nastier
Than this
Give 'em some
Mmm this is it and the band well they can't
Run it to ya no hipper than this
Run it
Funk y'all funk
This is it and well I can't tell it to ya
Raunchier than this.
Funk raw funk funk pure funk
This is it now tell me
Ain't this a bad MS oh
Funk funk y'all funk
This is it I said
Come on you know this is a bad MS
Get down
Funk funk ow funk y'all
Mmm funk now
This is it do ya hear me fellas
I can't give it to ya no nastier than this
Move over
What I say now
Don't you slack cause this is it
Don't you hold nothin' back
Cause this is it
Get down with it now cause this is it
Ain't this bad MS
Oh I said I said now this is it right here
This is it oh you're holding it right there

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