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​Dirty Kids

This song is by Betty's Trash.

Oh my god! - I don't need this
I won't stop - 'cause I fiend this
Need to touch - all the meanest
Make out queen's wrist

If I care - I don't mean it
I seek out - the uncleanest
Visual aids - of the meanest
Make out queen's wrist

Dirty kids stay sick like a virus
Dirty kids always creep up inside us
Dirty kids stay away from me
Dirty kids always aim to please

Now your stuck- in the best mess
When you go down - on the sickness
Undepressed - but still obsessed with the
Make out queen's wrist

All set up - to degrade
When your lust - starts to fade
Back to love - 'cause I made the
Make out queen pissed

One sting, two bites, still fade, on your night
My wrists, too tight, 'cause your stuck in my life

Get out of my life, 'cause your not right
Get out of my life, 'cause I'm still unclean

I'm still unclean 'cause you make me fuck