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Digital Sin (Nr 7)

This song is by Bettie Serveert and appears on the album Damaged Good (2016).

I want you to know, by the time I was five
I was out in the woods and barely alive
And there on my own, with 1 thought in mind
It was sharp as a blade
Was my will to survive
It's my will to survive

All messed up: I need it certified
I need it testified
That I'm not lazy
False accusations never cloud my mind
But it's the second time
You called me crazy

You might think that this ain't bad at all
But for my attitude, my attitude, that's all

How do we get out alive?
When we don't even know what for?
It's a civilized kind of civil War that'll do us in
It will do us in
The original kind of digital sin

It's a civilized kind of civil War
That'll do us in: the original digital sin

From the bowls of the earth
To the depths of the sky
We go it alone with tears in our eyes
And trust is a gift we have yet to receive
For we're broken inside
But we want to believe
We want to believe
We just want to believe

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