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Live Again

This song is by Better Than Ezra and appears on the album How Does Your Garden Grow? (1998).

Don't fear,
even though you're at a loss.
I'm numb,
a shell of empty thoughts.
But you glow,
you stretch and pull me out.
Does that trouble you?
Do I trouble you?

Love me
Hate me
Make me Live Again
I need you around
Heal me
Hurt me
Make me Live Again
I want you around

So long,
I never had experienced
this bliss.
So how could I resist?
And I'm fine,
a little light-headed.
Does that worry you?
I didn't mean to worry you.


Now, retreating from the light
I love it when we fight
It makes me think
at least you still care

Give up, you're not going anywhere
Moonlight, illuminates your stare
And it's great, captivating you
Does that trouble you?
I didn't mean to trouble you


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