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​I'm Singing Broadway

This song is by Bette Midler and appears on the live album Mud Will Be Flung Tonight! (1985).

Original video
I'm singing broadway and I love it!
I'm singing broadway and I'm proud!
You can keep your springsteen.
Shove your chaka.
I really don't care for that kind of kaka.
Ethel, liza, chita, that's my crowd, my crowd!

Yes-sah, I'm singing broadway and it's heaven!
'Cause "heaven" is a song from a broadway show!
Ah, just give me a part that's got laughter and tears
And I'll feel like yul brenner for the next thousand years!
Ah, broadway, broadway, broadway! brrrrrravo!

Ah, who needs a girl who's got fluorescent hair,
Or an ugly boy singing off key?

Give me a broad who's got tits out to there,
Belching it out to the balcony!

Yes-sah! I'm singing broadway and it's heaven!
I'll be singing broadway till I die!
Just tell me what could be better
Than shaking your buns
In front of a chorus
Of thirty-five nuns?
I'll climb every mountain
And ford every river I see.
A lady and her muszack,
Ha-that's ha-me! yeah!