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Nine Worlds (1996)Edit

Nine Worlds
Nine Worlds
  1. Dawn, Part II
  2. Dividement
  3. ...And Then I Turned Towards Darkness
  4. Frozen Wastes
  5. Nine Worlds
  6. The Outsider
  7. The Tranquillity of My Last Breath
  8. Burn, Fire for the Ancient Vampire
  9. Forever Night
  10. 1349

LXXVIII (1998)Edit

  1. The Blasphemer
  2. Wolf's Desire
  3. Black Winter
  4. The Curtain Falls
  5. No Regrets Before Death
  6. Lengsel LXXVIII
  7. Sumarian Rebirth
  8. Brief Is the Flame
  9. Et Natens Eventyr

War Vol. II (1999)Edit

Anata Vs. Bethzaida - War Vol. II
War Vol. II
  1. Let Me Become Your Fallen Messiah by Anata
  2. With Me You Shall Fall by Anata
  3. Day Of Suffering by Anata
  4. The Tranquillity Of My Last Breath by Anata
  5. Last Day Of Sodoma
  6. Expulsion
  7. Epistel Nr. 30: Drick Ur Ditt Glas
  8. Under Azure Skies

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