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Sky Is Falling

This song is by Beth Hart and appears on the album Screamin' For My Supper (1999).

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There is a light
That shimmers like a diamond
In the night
A fire that is powerful and strong
And I call it home
Here in the dark
Where I dream myself to sleep
I feel my heart
As timeless
As the carving on the stone
And yes it's home
Miracles happening every day
Millions of people
Are dying to get away
'Cause the sky is falling
The angels are callin'
But I have no fear
Yes the sky is falling
The angels are callin' me
Yes I can hear
That the sky is falling
Opening up
I stretch my arms so wide
I feel my love
It's fallin' right out of the sky
And home
Yes I call it home
It's on the good side
On the good side

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