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Just A Little Hole

This song is by Beth Hart and appears on the album Screamin' For My Supper (1999).

This song is featured in the television series Charmed.
Original video
To remember or to forget it
could you ever laugh out loud while you cry
It will own you & you can't let it

While it holds you you can't even try
You're so unsatisfied
Youre so damm petrified
You ain't got nothin' no
you ain't got nothin' to prove

Just a little heartache
just a little hole
just an itchy finger
& nobody knows
just a little heartache
Somethin' for the soul
Fingers on the trigger
& nobody knows
what she knows

I Got a secret & how you dread it
I should have known by
the lonely look in your eye
You made a promise & never kept it
you didn't even tell me good-bye

Youre so unsatisfied
Theres no more tears to cry
You ain't got nothin' no
you ain't got nothin' to prove


In December I got your letter
& by the springtime
they let me know you were gone

If I only loved you better
I'd see you smile again
but what's done is done


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