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Lucy's Song

This song is by Betchadupa and appears on the album The Alphabetchadupa (2002).

Dreams don't excite you
and I hope that I do
not much gets past you
but you don't realise what I do
no you don't realise what I do

I grew so close to you
like friends are supposed to
I laid beside you
but you don't realise what i do
no you don't realise what i do

and now we're off again
my band, i'll stand
the same worries that we bear
well i care
what matters is the time we share
we share
i only wanna be with you
but i won't lie
there'll come a time
i know you're true
i'll wait for you
when times are hard
don't fall apart
im tied to you
you'll see me soon

the words i sigh
before i die
we know are true
cos i love you

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