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True Evol

This song is by Best Interest.

Just tell me why you had to leave me like this
Another night spent alone this time I thought that I'd get it right by now
But it feels like I'm dead

Just when I needed you, you turned around and said we're through
What was I supposed to do you hung up on me to.
That's it. It's the end?
Goodbye love hello friend
I thought we'd last forever.
Let's just say goodnight.
Not it's over so goodbye.
Who'll wipe the tears from my eyes this time?
Please don't say goodbye.
A second chance sounds just right.
Don't let it end this time, this time.

Take this time to think about what's keeping you from keeping me.
What's keeping your from keeping me?
You're all I'm thinking of.
Hello friend goodbye love.

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