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The Price You Paid

This song is by Best Interest.

Tell me if I'm wrong for thinking this and
Tell me if I'm wrong for making this our
Last kiss 'cause I smell him on your shirt
Just don't lie cause it hurts.
I've tried so hard to make this work.
I've given up so please don't cry this time.
Tell me was it worth the price you paid?

You're making this hard, harder than it should be.
You told me it wasn't meant to be.
If it was then you wouldn't have run off with him and left me.
You told me I'm not the one that you have been dreaming of
This is killing me but at least you're happy.
If looks could kill then I'd watch you die.
You know I don't mean that but it's what I felt that night.
Will he be there to catch you when you fall
Will he catch your tears and catch them like I did
Tell me... was it worth the price you paid?

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