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Start Over

This song is by Best Interest.

Another page has been added to this storybook I'm writing
My time here's overdue
More sad stories that I'll share with friends
I'm wondering why love falls it ends

Just when I thought that, that you were the one
Once again it seems as though, life has proved me wrong
Otherwise you'd stay but, that letter you wrote it
It obviously stated, I wasn't what you wanted

Forget me now, our time is over
If I had one wish, I'd start all over
How can you say that you're never wrong?
It's always you that's alone

All this time you have been, fixing what's not broken
Bind pieces of my heart, it's true that yours is frozen
Why are you holding on, the choice was yours to make
Life conflicts with life sometimes that choice your biggest mistake

Forget me now it's over
Start all over
Forget me now it's over

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