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Failing Retina

This song is by Best Interest.

Time flies by so fast,
It's hard to keep track
Of what's going on inside of my life.
So many things to do
Some days I get confused,
And I lose sight of what matters most.

My eyes are open wide buy my retinas failing,
Can't see beyond distraction the walls can't breath
The pain of losing sight something I can't feel
I never want to be blind to what is real

Time comes to a halt
Keep them from my faults
Dwelling in the past makes mistakes seem my fault
I'll occupy myself
Looking for what might help
Been busy in Florida the truth stands ignored.

Chooses things I seek,
Maybe I'm to weak.
I need something more cause my visions lookin' bleak.
My tensions always torn,
Seen my memories leave.
It's time to clear my head and put my mind at ease.

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