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Bloodline Fever

This song is by Beseech and appears on the album My Darkness, Darkness (2016).

Things that we do, words that we never use
Some will never feel, gratitude
Can you feel it, when your ceiling's crashing down
Down with the flow, into the ones they were
Somewhere on their way, they got lost
In our bloodline, there's a lot of grief to blame

Strange ideals when it comes to become the one
No allied on the way, through the bloodline
Beaten down for the sum of another one
Bounds divide if we hide, along the bloodline

Anger remains, through a frozen mind
Pride will be the fall, never to rise
Can you see it, patterns in the lines
Lines to be crossed, across the agony
Some will never heal, on the ride
When your bloodline, is filled with enemies

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