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Twisted Little Star

This song is by Bertine Zetlitz and appears on the album Sweet Injections (2003) and on the compilation album In My Mind 1997-2007: Best Of (2007).

I took your time
Like I've always been trying to
Trying to
Was out of mine
So easy for me to do
Yeah, to do

Just needed to be powerful and sweet
Just needed to make your world complete
Just needed more than you could give
I've got lots of fancy tricks
To make this last forever

Will you still remember
Twisted little star
Darker shining
Silently surrender
Twisted little smile
Twisted's gonna last a while

I made you weak
Like I know I am supposed to do
Yeah, to do
You never speak
Cause you know I don't want you to
Yeah, you do

Just needed someone fresh to hold my hand
Just needed someone new to understand
Just needed a face to ease the flow
There must be a million ways
To make this last forver


Just needed every smile that you could give
Just needed every lie that you could give
Just needed


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