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Sick Communication

This song is by Bertine Zetlitz and appears on the album Beautiful So Far (2001).

I will kill you if I'm hurt
Then I'll make my silence sting
I'll make you tremble easily
And do it while I sing
I will make it quite impossible
For you to be at ease
Ny ways are ways of pleasantness
And all my paths are peace

Will kill
Them all
For you
Sick communication

She showed me all her nightmares
Then she kissed me off to sleep
I withered solemnly away
For only her to keep
My words they stay ambiguous
Impossible to seize
Her ways were ways of pleasantness
And all her paths were peace

She's just like
An aeroplane without reverse
She's just like forbidden fruit without the curse.

So lead me through this forest
Filled with trees shaped like my mind
And soothe my guilty conscience
For those I left behind
And you write me thousand stories
That will put my mind at ease
And show me ways of pleasantness
And all my paths of peace

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