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Girl Like You

This song is by Bertine Zetlitz and appears on the album Sweet Injections (2003) and on the compilation album In My Mind 1997-2007: Best Of (2007).

If you wanna live inside my head
Wanna see what I have said
I will make you tremble
You'll tremble (I will make you tremble)
It's fine with me

If you wanna scream outside my door
I'll make you holler even more
I will make you sorry
So sorry (I will make you sorry)
It's fine with me

I will make you understand forever
I'll make everybody disappear
I will make you hold my hand forever
Till I'm standing clear
Life's a ball
Never had a girl like you
Give me more
Not so sure
Never had a girl like you
Not so sweet
Miss a beat
Never had a girl like you
Starry eyed
All the night
Never had a girl like you

I will make you sacrifice the lot
Once you see what I have got
I can be deceitful
Deceitful (I can be deceitful)
It's fine with me

I will make you get inside my car
Then I'll drive you very far
I can make you breathless
So breathless (I will make you breathless)
It's fine with me


tu sais que je te vois
je fais ça tout le temps
tes mains,(tes) cheveux
tu es partout, toujours

tu sais que je te vois
je tente de révéler
les mots bizarres
que tu veux me donner


Never had a girl like you ...
(repeat to fade)

(English translation of French verses)

You know I'm watching you
That's all I ever do
Your hands, your hair
You're everywhere I see

You know I am watching you
Just trying to see through
Those crazy words
You keep on serving me

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