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​In Dreams

This song is by Bernie Paul and appears on the album Lucky (1987) and on the album Gold (1996).

Standing all alone in the dark
And there's no one round
Who could break my heart.
In those lonely nights I saw you
But still there is no one round
To make this dream come true.

I can't feel you
When I touch you.
I can't see you
When I love you.
I can't hold you
When I'm with you

But I feel that you're near.
In dreams
I see your face.
I miss
Your warm embrace

Your tender lovin' care
That we used to share

Where did you go

I need you so.
In dreams
You're in my arms.
I miss
Your warmin' charms

The magic in your eyes

The starlight in the skies
Will shine
Only for me.
Can't you see the tears in my eyes?
When I tried to touch you

I couldn't hold you tight.
Put your hand in mine
And come true

'Cause the love we shared tonight
I want to live with you.
I can't feel you
In dreams
I see your face

In dreams
You're in my arms

In dreams
I see your face