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You're the One

This song is by Bernie Marsden.

From time to time I see you walking heading for the door
I know you feel you've got to leave never come back no more
But you and I know better girl we've seen the other side
So put your arms around me forget about foolish pride
'Cause you're the one

I never been the kind of guy to miss out on the fun
Believe me child I've stopped and smiled when I think about what you've done
You turned the tables on me didn't know what to do
You proved without a shadow of a doubt I had to get next to you

'Cause you're the one the one and only true love in my life

Every time we're making love it feels like the first time
Every moment feels so good just like the last time
You're the one who picks me up when I feel down
You're the one who puts my feet back on the ground

You're the one who picks me up when I feel down
You pick me up make me smile put me on higher ground

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