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Se Plasam Od Lugje

This song is by Bernays Propaganda.

Се Плашам Од Луѓе



I'm afraid of people…
that quit!
I'm afraid of people
Who possess everything.
I'm afraid of the country
Where you age before your time!
I'm afraid of getting old
In diseased surroundings…
The kids are loan-sharks,
party members before their first breath.
A thousand times more corrupt than you.
Congratulations!You did it!
Now you have more in your ranks!!.
They have everything they don't need.
You’ve taught them hunting techniques.
They can lynch, but cannot speak !
Is the country sick when
They cool before they burn?
Do patriots love their country
even when diseased, at all costs?
I'm afraid of rotting away
In the cold earth
Even maggots are taking sides.
Dig out famous skeletons
For an infamous future that…
Lasts and doesn't taint!
Soldiers of the state…
Slaughter with your paycheck
Human freedom fighters…
Do not lift their finger without a tender offer
Not even when their lives are at stake.
Is the country sick when
It cools those that aren't even burning?
Is the country sick when
They cool before they burn?

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