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This song is by Bermuda Bonnie and appears on the album Drama (2012).

Had a two week supply of gum for you then this afternoon you
Didn't wonder past my desk too much. Guess you didn't need to
Sharpen your lead or charm Mrs. Fredricks with your winking eyes

Sent you a message in stats today but you didn't get right back
It took you till you saw me in ceramics to mention sorry, you were
Caught up in some parenthetical documentation

Jill says she thinks we should break up. But that's just because
She's totally in love with you.

Had a two weeks supply of gum for you that the other day you
Didn't save me a seat on the bus to school. Guess you totally
Spaced, 'cause you've got ADD and Missy's was free and you
Could ask her about the Kennedy speech

Sent Steph a message in confidence about what we discussed
And just like the two-faced bitch that I thought she was, she told
You what I said and acted like it was weird that I wanted it to be secret

Steph says she thinks we should break up. But that's just
Because she's totally in love with you

She writes you into her stories. They could be described as
Horror romance 'cause you save her from Chucky. But I don't think
She's your type besides she's got cat food breath