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Lost In The Crowd

This song is by Berlin and appears on the album Love Life (1984).

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Waiting, waiting lover
Why'd you cry?
I've been waiting
I've been hating you lately, start
Watching you, watching you
With all the ones
Are they all the same?
Are they all the same?
And I know

(I'm lost in the crowd)
Oh, no, whoa (oh)
(I'm lost, then I'm found)
Oh, yeah, oh (oh)

Changing, changing, baby
All the time
I can do without
All the rumors and new lovers
Watching, watching
It's a crying shame
'Cause they all the same
But they're all the same
And I know

Crying, crying, baby
All the time
'Cause he'll leave you
And then find another girl to use
Watching, watching
While love's gone by
But he won't take me back
He won't take me back
And I know

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