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I Could Beat Myself

This song is by Beres Hammond and appears on the album In Control (1994).

Ooh ah, I'm hurting, bad
Ooh ah I'm hurting bad!

I did not see what I was supposed to see
Taking it easy when a friend told me I was in
Danger, so much danger.
Underestimating my woman, not taking her
Out, working too hard and now she's gone off
With a stranger, someone I don't even know.

I should have taken her out, every once and a
While, taken her to dinner on the finer side, shown
Her a life that was all worth while, now I guese I gotta
Walk an extra mile! I could beat myself! Ah yeah.

Now I'm gonna feel funny out there in the crowd
When my friends all ask me, where is your woman?
Long time I don't see. Now I've got to think fast gotta
Use my head, give a good story and make sure they
Buy my version of the situation.

All the while I wouldn't lie I'm gonna do this once
See my reputation sinking in the distance, if they
Knew the truth that really existed... then my little sanity
Would be wasted! I could beat myself ah yes... I could
Beat myself! Oh lord lord.

Ooh ooh I'm hurting, hurting inside
Ooh ooh I'm hurting

Now I really want to hear a little news now and
Then, this is not what I expect to hear from my
Friend I'm dissapointed. He should realize that its
Gonna destroy my position (remember I'm a name
Brand) now I've gotta see... I should have held her tight
Every once and a while, gotten it together on the finer style
Shown her a life that was all worth while, now it seems I gotta
Walk an extra mile... I could beat myself... ah yes, I could beat myself
Ooh lord...

Ooh I'm hurting...
Ooh I'm hurting, hurting inside

I don't know what I wanna tell you
But I wanna tell you something real, real good yes
Someting to make you
Wanna shiver...

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