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Shine Like My Son

This song is by Benzino and appears on the album The Benzino Project (2001).

yo, Benzino.
My lil 7 year old son uh huh.
ray-shaun. this ones for you.

Whenever your travels get lonely
your troubled you feel all alone
remember this juice i shared with you
and let your life shine like the sun.
be strong my son

(benzino) I watched you crawl before you walk
from day one.
(lil ray ray) You da greatest dad
(benzino) and you's the greatest son
the day will come
when you'll have kids and raise them.
(lil ray ray) come on slow down dad.
im tryna stay young.
(Benzino) iight. I'mma teach you
how to play and win.
Follow your first thoughts
and never think again.
I'm your main man
from the womb
and you're a jewel
now I dont want you see the things
I been through
You got haterz in life
that try-n-play you
never get emotional
think, remain cool.
follow rules.
you'll have it all.
the plain truth.
Last But not least,
Don't let Money Change you.

Whenever your travels get lonely
(and if ya don't know! now ya know!)
Your troubled and feel all alone.
Remember this juice I shared with you
And let your life shine like the son.
(lil ray ray) Be so strong.

Verse 2:
(benzino) I'mma give you answers
to your questions.
Like why its important,
when havin sex to use protection.
You a blessing,
and I always got you.
Not just opposite,
I'm your role model.
There's more to life than money;
Morals, values.
There's rules in life
It's important you follow
like, never fondle touch what aint yours
unless you got to,
and help mom with the chores
Be responsible,
never follow, but lead.
Just watch the things your father do
When they see you, they see me
Can you spit like your dad?
(lil ray ray)
Yeah its easy!
A-B-C 1-2-3
set off a jeep
from the beep
turn the beat up
turn the heat up
Microphones like food I eat em
after dinner I'm a winna
Y'all can't stop me
Y'all beginners


Verse 3:
(Benzino) sometimes moms get mad
it aint funny dont laugh.
when you're right ok
When your wrong thats your ass
Not cause I want to son understand
Moms can teach you everything,
but how to be a man
You's a champ,
I'm The Champion
(lil ray ray) I'mma prince,
(benzino) But I'm the king of the throan.
(lil ray ray) Let it be known
we gonna shine
Check this watch man you know the time
Time to get mine
oh you didnt know
Sit back, and check the father-son flow.
(benzino) come on ray ray tell em
(lil ray ray) And If ya Don't Know
now ya kno


Be strong my son!
Be so strong, be so strong
be like one
Get this family thing back on...
back on track


Be strong my son

(Chorus to fade)