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​On My Mind

This song is by Benzino and appears on the album Arch Nemesis (2005).

Let me tell you all that's on my mind (repeat x4)

Why take one bad apple to fuck the whole batch
With alot of willpower to get shit back
Things got low some habbits have its own track
Niggas was hatin' but I ain't here to dwell on that [no]
G's dump they packs on 'cause they don't try to slang the shit
Lil homies catchin charges they ain't makin' a thing to take
Shantes a nympho all she want is weed or dick
Frankies on cell ? but he keep on blazin' em
Murders on a 6 year Tony's bout to come home
DJ's a hustler JV keeps a gun on him
Ben pissin a hallways mixed
Got a nigga comin' home to such a horrible stench
Memorials on every pole and fence
Everyday someone's head get clipped for somethin' small as a nit
It's like wake after wake if this life ain't a bitch then why police see us all as shit

Deep Thoughts and visions of me going
Like a tumour in the head I'm fed it keeps growin'
But me knowin' never fall and keep holdin'
But the size the games showin surprised I ain't foldin
Not enough I gotta worry 'bout the hood
Some gon do me dirty some gon treat me good
And even if I could rewind back time
I'll be on the same block with the same ol' grind

Girl makin' my head hurt carryin deadweight
But I ain't sick that's the road that a man takes
But when I break who gon glue me back
When chicks kick my pieces and move my act
I got the mind of a mad man goin' insane
Russian roulette until it blows the back of my brain
Things ain't the same I can see that clear
Two years in this game but we still here

The games changin I told you
Record lables can't control me
I stay ahead I'm never foldin
I'm breakin bread with my soldiers
The hood lose no matter whos in office
Its really hard to choose when the feds is watchin
Niggas doin' time just for simply sellin crack
Never really had nothin' but the clothes on their back
[Let me tell you] Who I am
And I can make you niggas understand
I got a lot of things on my mind
D.A want me up doin' all my time
Niggas droppin' dimes
Police stakin out
Girls erkin my nerven feel like brakin out
Ones I used to love don't care how I make it now
All bout being real from north being fake's about