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​Figadoh (Remix)

This song is by Benzino.

Get money, get that dough

Get money, get that dough

Get money, get that dough

What, what, get that dough

Get that dough, get that dough

Get that dough, get that dough

Get that dough, Figadoh

(Busta Rhymes)

Ray Benzino... Hangmen 3...

Bus-a-Bus... M.O.P...

What the fuck?

Let's give it to ya

Yeah, what the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)

What the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)

What the fuck y'all want? (Ha ha ha)

Come on (Ha ha ha)

(Busta Rhymes)

Guess who's comin' through right now, bitch?

To smack you with the force to kill a fucking cow, bitch

Hunh, I told you not to fuck around, bitch

Foul nigga, that's the way we gettin' down, bitch

You shook faggot, I'ma keep you motherfuckers shaking

And run around just like a crazy big foot Jamaican

See there's no mistaking, see you can never replace me, nigga

They think you alien, whippin shit like a hated nigga

I wonder, wise guy trife and said to me

What we be on and that we would have a recipe

Talk, what they talkin' bout rude boy?

Some gully niggas up in the place, we comin' through, boy

The news be tryin' and run go report niggas

The way they do when immigration trt to deport niggas

Ray Benzino, Bus-a-Bus and M.O.P.

Just for the record - none of you niggas can fuck with me!

(Chorus 2x w/ Busta Rhymes ad libs)



Fi-ga-doh, Figa-da-doh!

Fi-ga-doh, Figa-da-doh!

You know me, Figada-figada-figada

Get that dough, Figada-doh


Me and Bus-a-Bus breakin bread dough town

Fuck a bus - we private jet Motown

Boston streets... where I put my flow down

Hold up, you shakin it fast, bitch slow down

Blaze shots for the gangster in me

You scared to carry heat, don't hang with me (Motherfucker)

Big guns, no thang to me

Top three is what I aim to be

Hunh, and what I rep... mainly 3

Ain't no muthafucka spittin' flames like me

Original gon come, brew it up

M.O.P. gon come, to rip it up

When I reach, it ain't to greet you

Fuck your people, motherfucker pleased to meet you


This the remix, Figadoh, bitch!

(Lil' Fame)

(Bom bom bom) F-I-Z-Z-Y dub O

Mack (Bingfield, B.K.) Oh!

Bring bitch out of the bubbs warrior style

Throwing bricks, bottles and slugs (Get it on son!)

I spit 8 bars and smack the fuck out the engineer before the songs done

Just to make this shit more hotter

So tighten up your training wheels bitch...

Cause your fucking with a scholar

(Billy Danze)

With this I step lively, talking to myself 'cause I'm mad

With a mack 10 to spin - back up nigga! (Back up nigga!)

Watch out nigga... (Watch out nigga!)

I'm coming, mojo smokin', I ain't jokin faggot, I'm gunnin

I ain't hear nothin', start runnin'

Why you surprised, you a fucking with a man who got... (Fire!)

With sides will... (Fire!)

Any nigga that want it, any nigga that front it, I pump one in his stomach